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Hon'ble Lt Governor,UT of J&K
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Hon'ble LG UT of J&K
Sh. Arun Kumar Mehta, IAS
Chief Secretary,
J & K
Sh.Manoj Kumar Dwivedi, IAS
Principal Secretary to Govt. H & M Education, J&K
Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather
Director Health Services, Kashmir


January 2 2017

 Complex Spinal Surgery Performed in District Hospital Anantnag

A 19 year old female who had a fall from height around was admitted to DH Anantnag. The patient had trauma to mid back with weakness of both lower limbs, bowel & bladder incontinence. CT & MRI showed D12 & L1 compression fracture with cord compression.D11_ L3 posterior instrumented Stablization & L1 decompression was done as on 29/12/2016.

The Operative team under the supervision of Hospital Administrator Dr Majid Merab included Dr Younis, Dr Gulzar (Orthopaedic Surgeons), Dr Nasir Malik (Anaesthetist), Mr. Lateef & Mr. Farooq OT Technicians.

January 3 2017

 Complex Onco-surgery performed at JLNM Hospital Rainawari

The Oncosurgical unit of JLNM Hospital headed by Dr Zahoor Ahmed performed a complex onco surgery in the month of December 2016.A 60 year old male was admitted to JLNM hospital as a case of carcinoma colon with features of obstruction. On table there was a stenotic growth in hepatic flexure and a big nodal mass engulfing middle colic/ right colic junction with superior mesentric vein.Nodal mass was adherent densely to SMV, to attain R0 resection part of smv vessel wall was excised along with tumor and vessel repaired.

This surgery is first of its kind which has been performed by the Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir at JLNM Hospital.

The operative team under the supervision of MS JLNM Hospital Dr Nazir Shahdad included Dr Zahoor,Dr Nasir Wani,Dr Muzaafar,Mr Habibullah,Mr Sarbjeet and Ms Suraya.

January 16 2017

Advanced Cervical Spine Surgery Done at JLNM Hospital
First ever outside a tertiary care hospital

A 30 year old female, resident of Srinagar was having severe pain and weakness in her right arm. MRI of Cervical Spine was done that showed Disc Prolapse at C5/C6 and C6/C7.The procedure of Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) was successfully done using PEEK CAGES. The Operative Team under the supervision of MS JLNM Hospital Dr Nadeem Nazir included Dr Basharat Kanth,Dr Basharat Mujtaba(Neurosurgeons), Dr Nikhat (Anaesthetist),Imtyaz,Umar,Bashir and Bilal (OT Staff).

January 19 2017

ENT unit of DH Pulwama operated upon Schwannoma Neck

A 55 Year old female with FNA documented Schwannoma Neck was operated upon successfully on 16-01-2017 by the ENT Unit of District Hospital Pulwama.

The Operative team under the logistic support from Medical Superintendent DH Pulwama included Dr Irfan ul Shamas (ENT Surgeon),Dr Rashid Para,Dr Tufail Ahmad (Anaesthetists),Dr Waqar (Medical Officer) Mr Syed Shafi,Mr.Mohammad Shahban (OT Staff)

January 20 2017

First ever Neurosurgery performed in South Kashmir

First ever Neurosurgical procedure was done at District Hospital Anantnag by the Neurosurgical Unit of District Hospital Anantnag headed by Dr Basharat Mujtaba. A 65 year old male patient, presented with severe headache & weakness in left side of the body from last 5 days. CT Scan of Head was done which showed Chronic Subdural Haemorrhage with Sub Acute Component with mass effect.
The Neurosurgical Unit operated upon the patient and a burr hole drainage was done.The patient improved considerably in immediate post operative period and is conscious, oriented, haemodynimically stable and will be discharged soon. The operative team of doctors & theatre staff under the logistic support of Hospital Administrator Dr Majid Mirab included Dr Basharat Mujtaba (Neurosurgeon), Dr Nasir Malik (Anaesthetist) & M Afzal (Theatre Assistant).

January 25 2017

Superficial Parotidectomies being performed routinely at DH Pulwama

A Superficial Parotidectomies are being performed on routine basis at District Hospital Pulwama and in that context yesterday a 45 year old female patient underwent Superficial Parotidectomy for FNA documented Pleomorphic Adenoma. The surgery under the logistical support of Dr Rashid Parra (Medical Superintendent DH Pulwama) was done jointly by ENT and General Surgery Unit of DH Pulwama which included Dr Irfan ul Shamas (ENT Surgeon),Dr Ajaz Wani (General Surgeon) and Dr Tufail (Anaesthetist) .

January 31 2017

Five month pregnancy saved by removing football sized Ovarian Cyst

The Gynaecology & Obstetrics unit of Mother & Child Hospital (MCH) Anantnag achieved yet another remarkable feat by saving a five month pregnancy after removing a football size ovarian cyst (Dysgerminoma) from a pregnant female patient. The said patient was operated on 28/01/2017 by an operative team consisting of Dr Mehraj (Consultant Gynecologist), Dr Hilal (Anesthetist), Farooq Ahmad (OT Technician) and Rafiq Ahmad (Anesthesia Technician) under the logistic support of Dr G M Bhat (Deputy Medical Superintendent, MCH Anantnag).

February 10 2017

Doctors remove five nails from man’s stomach in Anantnag

February 23 2017

First ever Cancer Surgery performed at District Hospital Pulwama

An elderly male patient with CA Rectum was successfully operated upon by a team of doctors which included Dr Shameem (Onco Surgeon), Dr Khalid (Surgical Gastroenterologist), Dr Imran Gul (Surgeon), Dr Hilal, Dr Naseer (Anesthetist),Mr Naseer Pandit,Mr Mohd Maqbool,Mr Mushtaq & Ms Sabiya (OT Paramedical Staff) under the overall supervision and logistic support of Medical Superintendent DH Pulwama, Dr Rashid Para.
The patient was having a history of bleeding PR for the last 6 months and had a polypoid growth 5 cm from anal verge on digital rectal examination. The histopathological report showed high grade dysplasia. The patient underwent low anterior resection with stapled anastomosis and a covering ileostomy.

March 10 2017

First ever stichless ortho surgery performed in peripheral hospitals

Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir in an effort to deliver quality and advanced health care services in peripheries, performed a first ever two level stichless lumbar fusion surgical procedure at District Hospital Anantnag. The surgery was performed by the Orthopaedic unit of the Hospital. A 55 year old female had come to the hospital with chronic lower back ache with pain in both lower limbs from last two years. She was having weakness of both feet with difficulty in walking. Her X rays and MRI showed block in her spinal cord at two level which was cause of her symptoms.
The Orthopaedic Unit operated the patient and released her spinal cord and fused her spine bones to relieve her from back pain as well as from leg pain. Since the surgery was under magnifying loup, the operative team used very small cut over her back and closed back the wound by giving stitches all inside. It has two advantages one there will very small surgical mark and patient will have very minimal post-operative pain. There will be no need of stich removal after surgery.
The operative team under the logistic support from MS DH Baramulla Dr Majid Mirab included Dr Younis Kamal,Dr Gulzar Kuchey (Orthopaedic Surgeons), Dr Mohamad Shafi (Anesthetist),Mohammad Lateef,Farooq Ahmad,Aadil Ahmad(OT Staff) .

March 12 2017

18 cm long Gall Bladder removed SDH Ganderbal

An 18 cm long gall bladder was removed laparoscopically at Sub District Hospital Ganderbal on 02/03/17. The patient (name withheld), a 24 year old married female with previous LSCS was admitted for routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Intraoperatively a very long distended thick walled gallbladder containing multiple calculi with multiple adhesions was found. The surgery was however completed using only 3 ports compared to classical 4 port cholecystectomy. Upon measurement the specimen length was 18 cm. The longest gall bladder removed via 4 port cholecystectomy stands at 24.5 cm. As per the operating surgeon no published records exists viz. 3 port cholecystectomy.
The operative team under the logistic support from MD DH Ganderbal consisted of Dr Adnan (Surgeon), Dr Iqra and Dr Yasir (Anesthetists), along with Mr Tariq, Mr Basit, Mr Farooq, Mrs Dilshada and Mr Mohi u Din

March 13 2017

Laparoscopic Transpersonal Varicocelectomy performed at DH Pulwamal

Surgeons at District Hospital Pulwama for the first time performed Laparascopic transpersonal varicocelectomy as on 08/03/2017.
The Operative Team consisted of Dr Shafi Naikoo,Dr Yamin and Dr Khalid.

March 14 2017

Laparascopic Orchidopexy conducted in Police Hospital Srinagar

Laparascopic Orchidopexy is one of the advanced procedures in Laparo Surgery.Surgical team of Police Hospital Srinagar comprising of Dr. Irshad A. Kuchay, Surgeon Specialist,Dr. Baljeet Anaesthetist and supporting OT staff on 13.03.2017 performed this advanced procedure successfully on a 16 year old boy.

March 18 2017

Oro-maxilo facial team of DH Baramulla performing numerous complex oro-maxilofacial procedures.

Continuing its efforts the OMF team of DH Baramulla have been performing various oro-maxilofacial procedures and in that context 68 year female patient reported to oral and maxilofacial unit of District Hospital Baramulla recently with complaint of swelling in upper lip of two years duration
FNAC was suggestive of pleomorphic adenoma
Complete Excision of the tumour mass was done and primary closure of the defect was done with good cosmetic result
Histopathology showed final diagnosis of Pleomorphic Adenoma of upper lip. The patient is in our followup without any signs of recurrence.
The Operative Team compromised of Dr Babar Ali Shah, Dr Amit pal Singh, Dr Afaq Sherwani along with other staff.

April 26 2017

Hip Replacement done at SDH Kreeri
First ever to be done at Sub District Level

In a first of its kind, a cemented total hip replacement was done at Sub District Hospital, Kreeri by the Orthopedic Unit of the hospital. An old male patient resident of Kreeri, Baramulla who had history of fall was diagnosed with fracture neck of femur, was operated upon successfully by the team headed by Dr. Zamir Ali, Orthopedician including Dr. Mohd. Sadiq, Anesthetist, Mr. Bashir Ahmad, Mr. Shabir Ahmad, Ms. Tasleema Akhter, Mr. Sajad Hussain, Mr. Waseem Ahmad, Mr. Mohd. Abdullah Bhat, Ms. Shameema Bano (theatre staff). The patient after successful recovery, has been discharged from the hospital. It is pertinent to mention here that this kind of advanced orthopedic surgery has been performed for the first time across Kashmir Division at Sub District Hospital level.

May 26 2017

Successful Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Varicolectomy perfomed at DH Ganderbal

A laparoscopic transperitoneal varicocelectomy was performed successfully at District Hospital Ganderbal on 18/05/17. The patient a 38 year male with symptomatic left sided grade 3 varicocoele was operated by total laparoscopic technique and the procedure was completed successfully.
The operating team with support from MS DH Ganderbal consisted of Dr Adnan (Surgeon), Dr Iqra & Dr Tanveera( Anesthetist) along with Mr Farooq, Mr Basit, Mr Tariq and Mr Mohiudin

June 20 2017

First FESS Done at District Hospital Pulwama

On 19th of June 2017 a female patient with long standing nasal mass was operated for FESS and complete endoscopic clearance of 15 cm long nasal mass was done.
The Operative team under the logistic support from Dr Abdul Rashid Para MS DH Pulwama included :-

  • Dr Irfan-ul-Shamas Consultant ENT
  • Dr Din Mohammad Consultant Anesthesia
  • Dr Waqar MO ENT,
  • Mr Bashir Ahmad, Ms Fancy , Mr Mushtaq Ahmad and Khurshid Ahmad (Theater Staff)

June 23 2017

Gastroenterological unit of DH Ganderbal starts EVL Banding
First ever to be done at Sub District Level

Elderly male patient case of decompensated Chronic Liver Disease, etiology PBC (Male PBC very rare) was banded at District Hospital Ganderbal recently. The procedure was performed by Dr Manzoor Wani under full logistic support from MS DH Ganderbal Dr Samina Mufti.
The Endoscopic Variceal Ligation (EVL)/Banding is an advanced intervention and performing such procedures at District Hospitals will be of much benefit to the patients in their respective districts.

July 3 2017

ENT unit of DH Pulwama started Thyroid Surgeries

A 50 year old female with FNA documented colloid cyst measuring 2×3 cms was removed. Lobectomy was done under logistic support of Dr Abdul Rashid Para Medical Superintendent, DH Pulwama.
The Operative team included:

  • Dr Irfan ul shamas(Consultant ENT)
  • Dr Din Mohammad (consultant Anaesthesia )
  • Dr Waqar Medical Officer ENT
  • Mr Bashir Ahmad,Mr Khurshid Ahmad and Ms Rifiya (OT staff)

August 3 2017

Rarest of rare surgical case operated at SDH Pattan
“Very few cases reported across world till date”

A rarest of rare surgical case involving "testis inside hernial sac” was operated at Sub District Hospital, Pattan. Normally a testis with cord lies posterolateral to hernial sac, but location of testis with cord itself inside a hernial sac is extremely rare. The case was successfully operated at SDH Pattan, District Baramulla by the General Surgery unit of the hospital.
    A 60 year old male who reported with scrotal swelling was operated and during exploration testis along with spermatic cord was found inside hernial sac in the scrotum. The operative team under the logistic support of BMO Pattan included Dr Imtiaz Wani (Surgeon), Dr Mohd Amin (Consultant Anaesthesia), Mr Younis, Mr Muddasir, Mr Tanveer, Mr Showket , Mr Gulzar and Mr G Parray (Theatre Staff).